Wraiths and Strays: Hauntings

The first book in the supernatural trillogy by authors Stephen Lomax & Shiree Taylor.

Best friends, Marcus and James, living in the quiet village of Boughton Chapel in Kent, unexpectedly find themselves redundant and out of work. Faced with a grim future of dole queues and dead-end jobs, they decide instead to set themselves up as paranormal investigators. Equipped with little more than enthusiasm and the variable support of their friends and families, they embark on their new career, and find that ghost hunting is every bit as much fun as they had hoped.

A chance meeting with a fellow investigator and cryptozoologist leads them onto an altogether darker path, that offers intriguing possibilities but opens up a new and frightening reality. His harrowing tale of personal loss and obsession forces the young men to consider where the line between hunter and hunted really lies. The supernatural world plays for keeps and it pays to be careful what you look for…

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